15 Uses For Aluminum Foil That You Never Would Have Imagined

If you open the drawer to nearly any kitchen counter, chances are you’ll find aluminum foil, since it’s a staple product for anyone who prepares meals, wraps leftovers, or bakes in their oven. But you’d be wrong if you think that this thin sheet of metal is only good for your meal preps and your uneaten dinner: it’s an all-purpose tool that can assist with things you’d never even think of, from the obvious to the unusual.

So the next time you think about balling up your aluminum foil and throwing it straight into your garbage, give it a second chance. Aluminum foil is by far the least expensive handy tool that gets the most amount of work done throughout your home! Curious to see what else aluminum foil can do for you? Try any of these unexpected tin foil hacks and prepare to be amazed at just how much of a secret superhero this product is.

White teeth

Who would’ve have thought that aluminum foil can even whiten your teeth? Mix some baking soda with toothpaste and smear a thick layer of this paste over a strip of foil. Then apply the strip to your teeth and let it take effect for an hour. After this time, remove it and rinse your mouth thoroughly.