18 Jobs for Lazy People That Pay Well

What are the easiest high paying jobs for lazy people? That’s a nuanced question — one that largely depends on how you define lazy.

If you’re truly a lazy person, our advice to you to find a job (especially one that pays well) is to… stop being lazy. Laziness doesn’t lead to success. But if you’re dubbed lazy because, say, you’re a late riser, prefer to make your own hours or lean more on the inactive side of the spectrum, don’t sweat it — there are jobs out there for you.

Let’s look at the best jobs (that pay well!) for people who consider themselves lazy.


1. Watching TV & Videos

Most of us love to watching TV and videos, which makes this one of the best easy part time jobs you can do during your free time. One of the best places to make money online with this side hustle idea is Swagbucks.

Swagbucks is the number one get paid to (GPT) site on the web. In this site, you complete offers and get paid points called SBs.

After you gather enough SBs, you exchange them into cash, gift cards, merchandise, shopping vouchers, and other rewards. For instance, 500 SBs is equivalent to $5 gift card while 2,500 SBs is equal to a $25 gift card. For example, Swagbucks will pay you approximately 3 SBs per 30-minutes video/TV show.

2. Opening & Reading Emails

Did you know you can get paid to do something as easy as receiving and reading emails? InboxDollars is one of the sites you can get easy money jobs related to this side hustle.

Inbox Dollars is another famous GPT site that will reward you when you complete offers.

Unlike other GPT sites, this one is unique because they pay in cash sent via PayPal and bank deposits.

Opening and reading emails is a straightforward work from home job you can do no matter how lazy you are.

After you sign up successfully at InboxDollars, they will send you emails offers and all you have to do is click at the “confirm link” below each email to prove that you open and read the email.

The more emails you open and confirm, the higher amount you can make in this part-time online job.

3. Playing & Testing Games

If you are looking for easy work from home jobs, then playing games is one of them which you can do in your pajamas. CashCrate is one of the best places to get such easy jobs from home.

CashCrate is another famous GPT site you can make good money with on the side.

Who does not love to play games no matter how lazy they are? This an entertaining and fun easy job one can do all day without getting bored or tired.

4. Use Your Mobile Phone to Make Money

Installing and downloading a mobile app takes less than five minutes. Therefore, this is an easy side jobs which anyone can do it even the laziest people on the planet. Visit this post to discover other 50+ money earning apps that will pay you either use or keep them active on your mobile phone or any other electronic device.

5. Get Paid To Share Your Opinions

Have you heard of survey sites, opinion poll sites and focus group interview sites? These are websites and panels that collect market research data, and they will pay you to take surveys, complete opinion polls and participate in focus groups studies.

This is one of the best easy jobs that pay well because you can make above $1 per survey or poll in these sites. Additionally, each survey/poll only take less than 5 minutes which means you can complete more than ten daily. The other advantage of this easy job for lazy people is that there many sites that will pay you for sharing your opinions like the ones mentioned below.

6. Dog Walking

Dog walking is a type of pet sitting job where you get paid to take dogs for a walk in the outdoors for them to remain healthy and have fresh air.

This is a simple and easy jobs because you do not need any training, college degree or technical expertise to do it. Nonetheless you will need to have a love for dogs to get such a job.

7. Freelancing

Not all freelancing jobs are hard. Some are easy jobs which even lazy people can do. Businesses and individuals are always looking for people who can offer the services below;

Proofreading: Get paid to correct grammar, sentence structure and coherence mistakes in documents and other types of writings. Check out these 40 proofreading jobs hiring now!

Data Entry: These 15 companies will hire you to transfer data from one medium to another. For example, entering data from a shopping voucher to an Excel sheet.

Writing: Get hired to write projects, academic assignments and other copywriting tasks for individuals and businesses.

Virtual Assistance: A job where you perform short tasks for businesses or individuals, such as calendar management, booking appointments, social media scheduling, and content management among others.

Bookkeeping: Make money as a bookkeeper who helps people to organize their financial records, businesses and budgets/plans better.

Transcription: Get hired to turn audio files into text.

Scoping: Get paid to access documents, internet documents, court records among other types of information to find relationships, inconsistencies and different types of feedback.

Blogging: Bloggers are always looking for people who can write content for their blogs.

Design: You know how to design graphics, themes, logos, printable and other types of designs? Find such related gigs and begin making money today.

8. Make Money Shopping

Shopping online is so simple and easy, so any lazy person can do it. There are many ways to make money shopping online or even helping other people to shop.

For instance, my favorite shopping app is Shopkick which will pay you to;

  • Walk into stores
  • Scan product barcodes
  • Scan and submit your shopping receipts
  • shop in their partner stores
  • Watch shopping related videos
  • Link you shopping credit card

9. Driving

Driving is a very simple and easy jobs for people who have been doing it for sometime and those who love to do it. Its is one of those easy side jobs you can use to make extra money with your driving skills and vehicle in the following ways;

10. Become a Sales Agent

Direct sales rep jobs are where you are hired by a company to help market their products and sell them to their target audience.

For all the sales you make, you shall be paid a commission, and also you shall get free merchandise and price discount on all the purchases you make from the company.

For example, Avon, the third largest beauty and skin care store globally, is one of the most popular companies offering direct sales jobs. As an Avon Sales Rep, you will get a 40% commission on the sales you make, free training, access to insurance benefits.

11. English Tutoring

Is English your first language or are you 100% fluent in this language? Did you know you can get paid to teach English to Chinese or Korean children and other adults who want to learn the language?

The advantage of this low stress job is that the pay is decent because you expect to make more than $9 per hour. Also, there are many sites out there that will hire you to teach English like the three below.

Three Sites you Can Find English Tutoring Jobs

  • Qkids
  • Education First

12. Become a Mystery Shopper

Mystery shoppers are also known as secret shoppers. This is one of the best easy jobs for lazy people because it is simple and fun to do without any college degree or technical expertise.

This is a job where stores pay you to act like a shopper then you are expected to give feedback on your shopping experience. For example, you can explain how clean the store was, how clients interacted with you, how easy it was to find products among other elements.

After you give the feedback to the store that sent you on the mission will pay you in the form of cash prizes or free merchandise, shopping vouchers and gift cards.

13. Become a Focus Study Participant

Focus studies are those type of surveys or polls directed towards specific kinds of audiences. For example, a study collecting information about single mothers is an example of a focused study.

The upside of this easy part time jobs is that the pay is high and it is a fun side hustle because you shall give feedback on something you are familiar with.

14. Professional Cuddler

Are you a caring person who loves interacting with people? If you are cuddling could be the perfect job for you to practice that love for people. Cuddling involves providing comfort physically to emotionally disturbed on medically ill people who need some genuine love and care.

As a professional cuddler, you expect to make around $40-$80 per hour, which is decent pay. Also, you will get to form new friendships and important networks with people, which makes this one of the best jobs for lazy people.

There are many sites you can find cuddling jobs, such as CuddleComfortSnuggle Buddies and Cuddlist among others.

15. Language Translator

Companies and website owners are always looking for people who can translate their content or documents into multiple languages for them to reach a wider audience.

Most of us know more than three languages, which means you can quickly turn your skills and proficiency in one of them into a money-making opportunity.

A translator makes more than $0.01 per word which means this is one of the best easy jobs because you can use it to earn extra cash every month during your spare time.

16. Get an Odd Job

Most of these odd jobs are very easy and do not require any technical experience, college degree or special skills, which makes them ideal for lazy people.

Most of these jobs pay above $13 per hour which means you can easily make good money with these side hustles working part-time during your spare time.

  • Become a Sperm Donor @ Seattle Sperm Donor Bank.
  • Become a Chicken Sexer @ JobZoo
  • Apply for a Massage Therapy job @ MassageTherapists.com
  • Get a Breath Odor Evaluator jobs @ Career Search
  • Become a baby, pet or elderly people sitter @ SitterCity
  • Become a professional Apologizer @ AOL Finance
  • Find a job for professional sleepers @ Indeed

17. Get Paid to Writer Reviews

Writing a review on a product or giving honest feedback about anything does not take lots of thinking and time.

Thus, this is an easy job any lazy person can do! It is a perfect work from home job for lazy people because many sites provide such gigs.

Also, there is a lot of flexibility in this part-time online jobs because you test many different products, such as food, clothing, music, software’s, hotel beds, furniture and anything else under the sun.

18. Become a Photographer

Photography is not a boring career that will make you lazy and energy drained. More so it only requires some creativity and little knowledge about the camera.

No matter how lazy you are, I know you will enjoy this easy job, especially when you are paid to do it.

19. VLogging

Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. This means that most people search for information and how to tutorials on YouTube.

Even lazy people can become Youtubers because starting a Youtube channel is free, and all you need is a camera or also use your smartphone camera and an entertaining topic, such as how to do makeup, recipes and gossip stories.

If your content is good enough, it can quickly go viral in days, and you will become the next celebrity in town just for doing what you love and enjoy.

Once your Youtube channel is up and running, you can monetize it in several ways such as the four below:

  • Display ads from Google AdSense and other networks on it
  • Sell affiliate products and earn a commission after every sale
  • Sell your products
  • Get hired by other people to run short and easy errands for them!

20. Become a Tester

A tester is someone who uses a product or service then gives their feedback on their experience. Many companies want this kind of feedback to be able to improve the quality of their products.

Becoming a tester is one of the best jobs for lazy people because you will get free product samples, and there are many websites you can find testing jobs.

Source: sproutmentor.com