Can animals be carriers of Covid19?

It appears that a bat carried a corona virus that mutated so that it could infect pangolins – just as Bird flu mutated and could infect humans.

new Coronavirus then passed it on to a human, where it managed to multiply successfully and so we are now suffering.

the corona virus family is very large, and some strains DO infect domestic animals and humans – but until now the “human Coronavirus” only caused a common cold.

it has been reported in China that a couple of dogs have been infected – but it is more likely that they picked it up from an infected human. There are no cases reported of it being carried by stray dogs. The dogs that were discovered were living in the houses with humans who WERE infected.

So whilst it is not impossible for animals to be carriers of COVID19, I think the initial animal transmission was a “one off” freak occurrence and that we don’t need to worry about a being close to animals.

Dogs, cats, horses and cows can all carry coronaVIRUSES. But coronaVIRUSES have been around, carries by humans and spread by humans for centuries. They usually just cause a common cold.

This Coronavirus is different. It is NOT the one that dogs and cats and horses and cows carry. The ones that MOST animals carry does not affect humans. The virus is species specific. Dogs can not give canine corona to cats, cats do not carry and spread bovine corona, if a cat comes into contact with a corona infected horse it doesn’t catch it. It can only catch feline corona from another cat.

From time to time, a species specific virus mutates and becomes able to infect a different species. We have seen this with Swine Flu, and with Bird Flu.

There is also an Ebola that can kill monkeys but that appears to be easily fought off in humans. It’s called Ebola Reston and it wiped out a testing station that used monkeys. Some staff had the antibodies – but not one member of staff suffered any visible illness except possibly a mild fever with a runny nose. What was scary about Ebola Reston was it appeared to be airborne, something that the Ebola that affects humans is not.

What we have here is a NEW corona, related to the dog/cat/cow and the human “common cold” corona but not the same. If a domestic animal catches it, it will be as new to their immune system as it is to ours. It’s possible that their bodies will fight it off easily with no spread.

What we have here is a NEW common cold with nasty complications (the pneumonia) that a lot of people have no immunity to. Like a common cold it is spread by coughing and sneezing (droplet) by carriers who have either no or mild symptoms. Whilst the exact numbers are not known, as we are still in the early stages, it appears that 20% of carriers who develop symptoms become seriously ill and require hospitalisation. The “time between contracting and developing symptoms” is long allowing many more people to become infected, and it is true that there may be many “recovered” people so the hospitalisation/mortality rate may be a lot lower than it currently appears.

It is also true that the majority of those who die will be the elderly or those with underlying health conditions – but otherwise healthy people can suffer COVID pneumonia and die.

Almost everyone in the world will have lost someone they love by the time this is over.