40 People of Walmart Pictures That Are Way Too Hilarious

Thanks to cellphones and social media, capturing interesting things in the world around us has never been easier. In mere moments, one can discover something intriguing, snap a pic, and share it with their friends. Many times these photos end up being gorgeous nature shots, or perhaps sometimes a delectable plate of food. Then there are the times that we see something so odd, we just can’t not preserve it. One of the most popular images shared are shoppers at various stores, and in particular the funny Walmart shoppers who seemingly don’t understand how much clothing is socially acceptable to wear while in public.

If you’re in need of a good laugh, kick up your feet and take in some of these insane, arguably gross, and just plain funny Walmart shoppers.


Newest Trend

We’re not really sure what triggered this plunger trend, but it looks to be catching on more than you would imagine. People turn up at Walmart, purely with the intention to stick plungers on their bodies and snap pictures of it to post on social media. We hope this is just a phase, just like the planking one, because Walmart won’t be too happy when they realize why all this attention had been brought to their store.