Photos Of World Landmarks Before and After Coronavirus Outbreak

The coronavirus is taking its toll on the world. In many places where it may not have made such an impact, people may not realize how emotionally physically and mentally draining it is on cities and communities that are bearing the b runty of it. It is only through the media that one can see how the virus is affecting countries like China and Italy and how badly it is affecting the tourism and impeding local movement. Most landmarks like Shanghai’s Disneyland, the Great Wall and tourist attractions in China are closed, major city centres, malls and public places are practically deserted. Neighbouring countries like Japan and South Korea are also affected and these before and after pictures show you the full impact of Covid19 that has virtually paralyzing countries across the world.

1. The Spanish Steps in Rome

The Spanish steps in Rome are a UNESCO heritage site that attracts more than a million tourists every year. The footfall got so heavy in 2019 that people were being fined 278$ for sitting on the steps. Today, there is a much lighter load.

Once the coronavirus spread south of the country, fewer people are visiting this iconic landmark.

2. The Piazza Milan

The Piazza in Milan houses some of the most important buildings including the Duomo Di Milano and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II. They are popular tourist attractions where even local’s hangout. Italy is now one of the worst affected nations in Europe where the coronavirus is taking a heavy toll with almost 18000 cases and 1266 deaths. As you can see, now the same landmark is more or less deserted.

3. Beijing: The city is one of the most visited cities in the world

Beijing gets a huge footfall every year where more than 4 million people visited the city in 2018. But now because of the virus, no one will even voluntarily think of venturing out.

In the next picture you can see that the city is more or less deserted because who wants to risk getting the virus. This couple near the entrance to the forbidden city are brave enough to take a pic because even with masks on no one would.

4. The Great Wall of China is one of the world’s most famous landmarks

The Great Wall of China attracts 10 million tourists every year. The major attraction is facing a near lockdown with the Badaling section of the great wall temporarily closed.

The other sections of the wall are open but tourists are being screened for temperatures and signs of any infection.

5. The Piazza XXV Aprile in Milan

Piazza XXV Aprile is a paved square in Milan that is connected with Corso Como, Corso Garibaldi, Viale Pasubio and Viale Monte Grappa. It is frequented by several people including tourists and locals using it as a connecting thoroughfare and to hang around.

As you can see now the square is totally deserted and eerily empty as if some disaster is about to take place. The emptiness induces a feeling for foreboding and doom.

6. St Peters Square, Vatican

St Peter’s Square is usually the most crowded place in the area. It is usually frequented by thousands of Christians who either want to go there to catch a glimpse of the pope or receive the daily blessing.

Now ST Peter’s Square is deserted and closed down where this picture shows a couple looking the closed St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican after a decree was issued ordering restrictions across Italy to beat the spread of the coronavirus.

7. The Temple of Heaven: Beijing

The Temple of Heaven, a 15th-century religious centre in Beijing is a UNESCO recognized heritage site that is one of the major attractions in Beijing. It is one of the must-see landmarks in the city.

Even though the Temple of Heaven remains open, few people are visiting it. Other landmarks like Ming Tombs and the Yinshang Pagoda have been closed since January 24th.

8. Disneyland Shanghai

Disneyland in Shanghai opened in 2016 and saw an incredible footfall of 11 million in that year alone. Millions are visiting this popular landmark by local and outside tourists.

The $5.5 billion theme park is now closed to tourists and has been locked down by authorities.

9. Macau

Macau is one of the most famous gambling hubs in the Southeast much like the Las Vegas of Asia. In 2018, it was visited by 35.8 million people as one can see from this pic where tourists flock the Piazza San Marco Venetian casino taken in 2008.

After 10 persons tested positive, Macau shut down all casinos, but they are open again but everyone has to wear a mask.

10. Ratchada Train Night Market in Bangkok

The Ratchada Train Night Market in Bangkok is one of the most famous landmarks of the city visited by thousands daily. It is a bustling night market that has music playing and vendors selling almost everything from street food to antiques, consumer goods, clothes, fashion, and curios.

While last year 11 million Chinese tourists travelled to Thailand, this year that figure is about to drastically drop because of the coronavirus. As you can see here, the market is deserted and only the brave venture out.

11. Literature Temple Hanoi, Vietnam

The Literature Temple in Hanoi Vietnam is one of the city’s most loved spots frequented by tourists and locals alike. It is a picturesque tourist attraction.

Last week Vietnam confirmed 53 cases of the coronavirus but still people aren’t taking chances and as you can see the temple has few visitors.

12. Mecca

The Kaaba in Mecca is never empty. In fact, it is teeming with millions where you have to go with the flow rather than get space to walk. The Kabba is the centre of the Great Mosque in Hejazi City Mecca.

Take a look at the eerie emptiness today. This aerial drone view gives you the true feeling of the deadly impact of the virus. This image was taken on March 6th 2020 where few came for prayers in fear of the virus. The Mosque was also shut down by Saudi authorities for a deep clean on the 5th.

13. Empty street in Ginza district Tokyo

On a usual day, this is one of the most crowded shopping centres in Japan that is home to upmarket shopping centres, fine dining and entertainment.

In Japan the number of cases is rising bringing the total to 1421. Now take a look at the same shopping district how different it looks.

14. Soccer match in Milan

Here you can see the full impact of the virus in Italy where even a soccer match isn’t enough let authorities allow people in. This is the starting line-up of a match between the Inter Milan versus Ludogorets Europa League match; fans were not allowed in because of coronavirus fears, in San Siro, Milan, Italy, on February 27, 2020.

15. Empty shelves in Grocery store Glendale California

The coronavirus fears have sparked off shopping frenzies across the world as people are going crazy stocking up supplies. Here one shopper walks past empty shelves normally stocked with soaps, sanitizers, paper towels, and toilet paper at a Smart & Final grocery store, in Glendale, California, on March 7, 2020.

16. Empty canal in Venice Italy

On any given day, the canals of Italy are packed with jams because of locals and tourists riding gondolas but now this picture taken on March 9th 2020 shows you how the circus has impacted movement in the country. As you can see, gondola services have been hit pretty badly as these idle gondoliers play with a cat on the same day.